How do we win?

The STIHL RZA 760 zero-turn battery-powered mower is a durable machine powered by a built-in lithium-iron phosphate battery with 24 kWh of power, meaning fewer moving engine parts and less maintenance when compared to its gas counterpart. This mower has a 60” fabricated mowing deck and charges on a standard 110-volt circuit. A fully charged battery gives users a full workday with up to eight hours of run time, allowing them to mow up to 21 acres. A high-visibility color touch screen display controls settings, such as driving and blade speed, and displays remaining battery power. With speeds reaching up to 16 mph, users make quick work of mowing and traveling in between jobs. Add in power, performance, and features comparable to its gas counterpart and the STIHL RZA 760 allows professional landscapers to save on time and money while benefiting from reduced noise, zero exhaust emissions, and the fuel cost savings of battery power.